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Our Services


A3 for Life Consulting provides customized services and supports to school-based professionals employed in k-12 institutions and in institutions of higher learning, as well as community stakeholders (including, but not limited to: parents, professionals, and business owners).

Professional Development

Our services include professional development, program development, program/policy analysis, advocacy, and speech therapy services (screenings, diagnostics, therapeutic and/or enrichment intervention). All services and materials are available in English and in Spanish (upon request).

Life Long Learning

Our tailored programs guide and support educational entities through the processes of developing and enacting sustainable, transformative programming that encourages all stakeholders to become life -long learners and aware of their potential; capable of reaching their professional and personal dreams and aspirations.

We are not a one - and done operation. We place an equal investment in the systems we serve.

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Facilitation , Opportunities and Formats

A3 for Life Consulting provides  professional and personal  

development, enrichment education  opportunities in 1:1, small-group,  and large group formats. Each  offering is adapted to meet the  unique needs of our clients to ensure  maximum benefit from the learning  opportunity. Each in-service includes  a complementary, virtual, follow-up  session with past participants to  provide them with additional  strategies and supports, clarification  of content, and/or solutions-focused  problem solving.  

We also provide long-term,  

collaborative consulting services to  school districts interested in  comprehensive transformative  education programming. 


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